Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC is a fee-based wealth manager. We are not paid commissions on the investments or services we select for you and we have no incentive to trade your accounts to generate income. Until your own success is aligned with the success of your advisor, it’s difficult to ensure that your best interests are being put first. We are able to focus entirely on providing unbiased investment advice that takes your goals into consideration.

Our fees cover our full range of wealth management services, but are based on the assets we invest for you. While we have seen and considered a variety of pricing models that might separate out our various wealth services, we believe firmly that our asset-based fees keep our interests best aligned with yours.

Our annual fee is subject to a $50,000 minimum and is calculated as follows:

Market Value of Portfolio Annual Fee
First $10 million 1.00%
Next $10 million 0.75%
Over $20 million 0.50%