Our executive clients work long hours, often travel and are always trying to find time to squeeze in family priorities. They earn high incomes that include a mix of salary, bonus and complicated deferred assets. They tell us they never had time to fully review these plans or track options thoughtfully for the right time to exercise. Some have come to us with investments that grew over the years at many different fund companies and brokerage accounts. One day they realized their portfolios were long on administrative burdens with no unifying strategy.

We believe our executive clients appreciate our commitment to being available at their convenience while constantly keeping their investments and long-term planning on track.

Your Challenges

  • High tax burden
  • Complicated compensation plans
  • Lack of time
  • Inconsistent planning

How We Help

You used to be able to manage your finances on the weekend but now it has gotten too complex. We develop a personalized strategy that fits your goals and time frame and we monitor it constantly, considering opportunities and market changes. We also have experience with your options, restricted stock or deferred investment pools. With our own proprietary tools, we will advise you on the best time to consider exercising options or selling restricted stock to maximize performance and manage tax consequences. We know you need an advisor that will take a lead role to make sure you get regular tax advice, insurance reviews and estate planning from vetted, experienced professionals. We will keep you on track, regularly reviewing your needs and coordinating the professionals you need. Your success demands greater expertise and you deserve the attention of a sophisticated advisor who can deliver it.