We understand the joy of sharing financial success with children and grandchildren. But our families have also come to us concerned their children may not be as equally committed to saving and growing their wealth due to the opportunity they’ve enjoyed. These clients often look forward to funding their children’s first home and their grandchildren’s education, but they also want their grown children to understand the discipline it takes to finance all of this. We believe they appreciate us managing their daily investments so they can focus on enjoying life. They also tell us they value our experience working with other families like them and sharing how different approaches to gifting and planning have worked.

Your Challenges

  • Preparing future generations for financial responsibility
  • Passing down money values and work ethics
  • Intergenerational legacy planning
  • Communicating estate intentions while maintaining family harmony

How We Help

You should be benefitting from your success, and we can help you enjoy making decisions about your lifestyle and legacy goals. We will develop and implement your personalized goal-oriented investment strategy. As we help you review your tax and estate plans, we will coordinate your expert team to integrate your investments and estate plans for multiple generations. We have worked through issues similar to yours many times, and we will share with you our experience for making gifts and managing estate taxes without killing your family’s drive. For the longevity of your family’s estate you need strategies that meet the needs of all ages and levels of financial knowledge. As soon as we begin working together, we will reach out to your grown children as well if you like. We treat them equally and share concern for their financial questions and challenges, no matter where they are in life. We can help prepare the next generation with ongoing family meetings that provide all members a voice in developing a shared family vision.