When it comes to financial matters, it’s easy to see where you want to go. It’s harder to figure out who can help you get there. We begin our work with you and your goals rather than with products, recognizing that getting your finances in order should help you get your life in order. We provide financial well-being at the most personal level, and we do this for a select group of clients.

Faced with more demands on capital, more investment options, and more uncertainty than ever, you can count on us to listen to you intently, understand your priorities and offer expert judgment. Wealth management isn’t sales. It’s an approach that combines asset management with expertise and relationships. We believe that the only way to deliver the right wealth management strategy is to fully appreciate your unique circumstances, your concerns and your goals.

Summit Place is an independent financial advisory group. We do not sell products, earn commissions, or have a quota to meet. That means that there is never a conflict of interest, and never a hidden agenda. Just advice tailored to you.

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